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No Smoking in units rented after 11/2012

ALL HOUSEHOLDS who moved into their residential multifamily units on, or after, November 22, 2012, have occupancies that are non-smoking. Tenants or owners occupying an apartment or condo since that date are not allowed to smoke in the unit, nor can their guests.

People who moved into their unit before November 22, 2012, received a survey asking them to designate their unit as a “smoking” unit or “non-smoking” unit

The units at 917 11th Street that were occupied by current tenants prior to 2012 where smoking is permitted because they were undesignated or designated as “Smoking” are:

  • Apt 1
  • Apt 4
  • Apt 5
  • Apt 6
  • Apt 9
  • Apt 10

Households who choose NOT to answer the survey will have their units listed as “undesignated”.  Smoking in undesignated units is permitted.

Can I sublease or sublet my apartment?

NO – all of our leases contain restrictions on occupancy.

Tenants are also required to inform management of guests residing for more than 5 days.
Please provide Identification, license information and contact information for you and your guest. Guests are not allowed to use parking spaces, there is no guest parking at the building.

Short Term Rentals & Home-Sharing Whether tenants may sublet their unit is limited by the rental agreement. NONE of our rental agreements allow short term rentals, sublets or home shareing.

A violation of this agreement may be a reason for eviction.

Short-term rentals (fewer than 30 days) of an entire dwelling unit are not legal. For additional information about home-sharing,contact the City’s Code Enforcement Department at (310) 458-4984.

Garbage Disposals – they don’t really dispose of garbage


The kitchen garbage disposal is not really as useful as you might assume and the distance from that unit to main sewer line can cause problems if items you dispose of stop half way there causing a blockage. If you use enough water to actually reach the main sewer line it is very water wasteful. While they may seem useful for getting rid of a variety of food scraps and waste that might otherwise create unpleasant smells in the kitchen, many foods can actually damage your disposal or render it useless. Environmentally – the eutrophic impact of sending your food waste down the disposal is more than three times larger than sending it to the landfill.

Do not put these things down your garbage disposal:

Never use hot water when grinding food waste. Hot water will cause NO!grease to liquefy and accumulate, causing drains to clog. Don’t turn off the motor or water until grinding is completed. When grinding is complete, turn off the garbage disposal first. Let water continue to run for at least 30 seconds, flushing out any remaining particles. Then turn off water.

NO!Fibrous foods

Don’t grind extremely fibrous material like corn husks, celery stalks, onion skins, lettuce, corn husks, carrots, potato peels and artichokes.  Fibers from these can tangle and jam the garbage disposal motor and block drains.

NO!Grease, fats and oils

Greasy foods will distribute a film over the blades, diminishing their effectiveness. Eventually, the grease will begin to decay, causing an unpleasant odor in the kitchen. Pouring grease into a garbage disposal can result in clogged drains when the grease solidifies.

NO!Coffee Grounds

Coffee grounds down the garbage disposal build up an accumulation of goop and they accumulate in drains and pipes, causing clogs.

EggNO! shells

Some people claim that egg shells sharpen the blades of the unit, but this is not true. The shells’ stringy membrane layers can wrap around the shredder ring, and the shell itself will be ground to a sand-like consistency capable of clogging pipes.

NO!Pasta, rice, potatoes and beans

Even small particles of these foods will swell with water to form a paste-like substance, and eventually clog the trap.

NO!Non-food items

Dropping a bottle cap or twist-tie – make sure you get it out before starting your disposal. If you break a glass in the sink the shards can be difficult to remove and can jam the disposal. We have had service calls that resulted in finding rubber bands, twist ties, cigarette butts, pull tabs, fabric, sponges and plant clippings in disposal units.

BlNO!each or drain cleaners

Don’t use harsh chemicals like bleach or drain cleaners. They can damage blades and pipes. Borax is a natural sink cleaner and sanitizer that effectively works on odor-causing mold and mildew that accumulates in garbage disposals. A little baking soda followed by pouring a mix of white vinegar and water will create a bit of foam that can clean the disposal and remove odors.

The amount of water it takes to properly use a garbage disposal makes them very water wasteful.

Should We Dispose of Disposals?

Dumping waste into the water system has environmental costs. There is evidence that the effluent that is pumped back into local water streams does affect their chemical composition and aquatic life. In extreme cases, the result can be something called eutrophication, which occurs when a higher concentration of nutrients results in algae blooms. According to one Australian study, the eutrophic impact of sending your food waste down the disposal is more than three times larger than sending it to the landfill. You’ll also be using a lot more water if you decide to go with the disposal—and you’ll be indirectly responsible for the extraction of the metal needed to make the appliance.

Santa Monica: Recyclable Materials for the recycling bin

Cans & Foil

Aluminum beverage cans and aluminum food cans (e.g., cat food cans)
Steel/tin food and beverage cans
Clean aluminum foil and foil food trays


All glass bottles and jars (mayonnaise, apple juice bottles, wine bottles, etc.)
CA redemption bottles (beer, juice, wine coolers, etc.)


Containers marked #1-5
Water/juice/soda bottles
Food containers
Milk and water jugs
Detergent/cleaning product bottles
Personal care bottles
Plastic shopping bags


Newspaper (including inserts)
Office paper (white and colored)
Computer paper
Corrugated cardboard
Cardboard boxes and paper bags
Phone books
Magazines and catalogs
Food/detergent boxes
Office mix (file folders, fax paper, envelopes, advertisements, flyers, etc.)
Junk mail, bulk mail, and scrap paper
Paper bound with non-water-soluble glue (paperback books, hardback books, overnight mail packages, etc.)
Milk cartons (clean and rinsed)
Aseptic packages (juice boxes)

Please do not put plastic materials—including Styrofoam, flower pots, hoses, PVC pipe, pool covers, etc.—in your recycling containers. They are not recyclable, but they are often reusable. Many nurseries are happy to take back plastic flowerpots, while many mailing and packaging stores, including The UPS Store Etc. and Kinko’s, welcome donations of clean Styrofoam packaging peanuts. If you can’t find an outlet to reuse these materials or reuse them yourself, please secure them in a bag and place them in your refuse container.

See more TIPS:


Repair Requests

In the event of an emergency please call us!

Repair requests are scheduled as soon as possible once received.

It is the YOUR responsibility to clear all personal items from the area to allow access for both the inspection to estimate the work as well as to allow the work to be completed.

We make every effort to schedule work during times that are most convenient for tenants but that is not always possible.

    Your Name (required)

    Your Apartment (required)

    Your Email (required)

    Your Phone (required)

    Your Cell Phone:

    Form of Contact Preference:

    Please check the appropriate boxes below that pertain to your request:

    Please provide details on the item in need of repair:

    Please note: As a courtesy we make every attempt to schedule inspections and service to be convenient, however that is not always possible. We might be able to have someone at the building to grant access to your unit for reported issues but if we do not have someone available and require access to your unit you may need to arrange to be present at the time of the service call.

    May we enter your apartment when you are not home to inspect and make the repairs? (required)

    Preferred date of entry:

    Preferred time of entry:


    Please note that we do not maintain the washer and dryer in the laundry room.
    In the event you have an issue with the laundry facilities please contact:
    All Valley Washer Service
    800-247-1100 Toll-Free
    818-787-1100 Phone
    818-989-7378 Fax


    The smoke-free outdoor areas at multi-unit residential properties include a 25-foot radius around all doors, windows, and vents. Smoking is prohibited in all common areas of multi-unit residential properties in the City.

    The smoke-free areas include all private-use balconies, patios, decks, and
    any other area that is within 25 feet of a door, window or vent.

    Any person who smokes in a common area or within the 25-foot zone is subject
    to an award of damages of not less than $100, which may be collected by any person in
    Small Claims Court. (The minimum damages goes up to $200 for the second violation
    within one year; and $500 for the third and subsequent violations within one year.)
    S.M.M.C. §4.44.040(a).


    New Smoking Law Affects All Santa Monica Apartments And Condos

    October 24, 2012


    Adam Radinsky, Head, Consumer Protection Unit

    Santa Monica yesterday adopted a law with new smoking rules that affect all multi-unit housing in the City. The law includes the following:

    • All new occupancies after 11/22/12 are non-smoking:  Starting November 22, 2012, all newly occupied units in multi-unit residential properties in Santa Monica are declared non-smoking. This includes all apartments and condominiums. So, anyone moving into an apartment or condo in Santa Monica after November 22 can’t smoke in the unit.
    • Owners must start smoking survey by 1/21/13Before January 21, 2013, all landlords and condo homeowners’ associations are required to begin a survey of current occupants, who must then designate their units either “smoking” or “non-smoking.” For other deadlines and details about this process, see the attached “designation process” sheet or go to
    • Current occupants grandfathered:  Existing occupants can continue to smoke inside their units if they designate the units as “smoking.”
    • Common areas too:  Existing Santa Monica law already bans smoking in residential outdoor and indoor common areas, including balconies and patios and any area within 25 feet of any door, window or vent.

    Questions and Answers

    Q: Are there exceptions to the law?  If a property is already 100% smoke-free, the designation process is not required. The law also does not apply to temporary special needs housing for people with disabling conditions.

    Q: How is the law enforced?  Most compliance is achieved through communication. If that fails, and a person persists in smoking inside a non-smoking unit after getting a written notice, the person may be taken to small claims court and is liable to pay damages starting at $100. Any person can enforce the law.

    Q: Are property owners required to enforce the law?  No. They are only required to conduct the survey and keep updated lists available. They are not required to enforce violations of the no-smoking rules.

    Q: What happens if a property owner refuses to conduct the initial survey and give out the required information? The owner can be prosecuted for violating the Municipal Code.

    Q: Can a tenant be evicted for violating this law?  No. But a tenant can still be evicted if the lease prohibits smoking.

    Q: What about medical marijuana?  If a unit is non-smoking, then medical marijuana can’t be smoked inside. If a doctor specifically requests that a disabled occupant may smoke marijuana indoors, and the occupant can’t take marijuana in non-smoked form, then the smoking might be permissible under the “reasonable accommodation” standard for disabilities. For more information call the City Attorney’s Office, 310-458-8336.

    Q: Where can I get help with quitting?  Go to, or call 1-800-NO-BUTTS.

    Q: Where can I get more information?  Go to, or call the City Attorney’s Office, 310-458-8336.

    4.44.020 Prohibitions.

    (a) Smoking in Specific Locations. It shall be unlawful to smoke in the following places:

    (1) Any elevator;

    (2) Any public park;

    (3) Any public beach;

    (4) Anywhere on the Santa Monica Pier;

    (5) Any outdoor service area;

    (6) Inside any public building (as that term is defined in Government Code Section 7596);

    (7) Any outdoor dining area;

    (8) Within twenty feet of the entrance, exit or open window of any building open to the public;

    (9) The Third Street Promenade;

    (10) Any farmers’ market;

    (11) The property of any public library.

    (b) Disposal of Smoking Waste. No person shall dispose of any cigarette, cigar or tobacco, or any part of a cigarette or cigar, in any place where smoking is prohibited under this Chapter, except in a designated waste disposal container.

    (c) Liability of Businesses. No business owner, operator or manager shall knowingly or intentionally allow smoking in an outdoor dining area that is under his, her or its control. This law does not require the physical ejection of any person from the business or the taking of steps to prevent smoking under circumstances that would involve a significant risk of physical harm.

    (d) Posting of Signs. Every business that owns or controls an outdoor dining area covered under subsection (a)(7) shall post one or more prominent signs in conspicuous locations to apprise users of the prohibition of smoking in that outdoor dining area. Multiple signs must be provided as needed for larger areas to ensure that signs are readily visible to all users of the area.

    (e) Enforcement and Penalties.

    (1) Infraction. A violation of this Section is an infraction and shall be punished by a fine of one hundred dollars for the first violation; two hundred dollars for a second violation within one year; and five hundred dollars for a third and subsequent violations within one year.

    (2) Nonexclusive Remedies and Penalties. Punishment under this Section shall not preclude punishment pursuant to Health and Safety Code Section 13002, Penal Code Section 374.4, or any other law proscribing the act of littering. Nothing in this Section shall preclude any person from seeking any other remedies, penalties or procedures provided by law. (Added by Ord. No. 2122CCS § 1 (part), adopted 4/27/04; amended by Ord. No. 2210CCS § 1 (part), adopted 10/24/06; Ord. No. 2259CCS § 1, adopted 4/22/08; Ord. No. 2282CCS § 1, adopted 1/27/09; Ord. No. 2318CCS § 1, adopted 8/10/10; Ord. No. 2321CCS § 2, adopted 9/14/10; Ord. No. 2355CCS § 1, adopted 4/26/11)


    917 11th Street  is serviced by the following Utility companies – as a tenant it is your responsibility to switch utilities to your name and maintain utilities for Gas and Electric.

    Additional Optional Services in the area:

    There is existing wiring for cable – if you subscribe to a service please let us know as they have been known to disconnect working wires and run new wires that are not needed to units – we can help clear that up!

    Santa Monica Schools/Colleges

    Schools Nearby

    Lincoln Middle School
    Garden of Angels School
    Pacifica Christian High School

    Concord High School

    Pacific Center for Creative Learning
    Light House School
    St. Monica Catholic High School
    Roosevelt Elementary School
    P.S. #1 Elementary School
    St. Monica Elementary School
    <h1>Schools Nearby</h1>
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    						 Lincoln Middle School
    						<td style="padding: 5px 0pt;" align="left" width="60%">
    						 Garden of Angels School
    						<td style="padding: 5px 0pt;" align="left" width="60%">
    						 Pacifica Christian High School
    						<td style="padding: 5px 0pt;" align="left" width="60%">
    						 Concord High School
    						<td style="padding: 5px 0pt;" align="left" width="60%">
    						 Pacific Center for Creative Learning
    						<td style="padding: 5px 0pt;" align="left" width="60%">
    						 Light House School
    						<td style="padding: 5px 0pt;" align="left" width="60%">
    						 St. Monica Catholic High School
    						<td style="padding: 5px 0pt;" align="left" width="60%">
    						 Roosevelt Elementary School
    						<td style="padding: 5px 0pt;" align="left" width="60%">
    						 P.S. #1 Elementary School
    						<td style="padding: 5px 0pt;" align="left" width="60%">
    						 St. Monica Elementary School