Wireless Service By CompanyV

As a courtesy to our tenants we offer wireless internet service provided by CompanyV.com

This is a third party vendor and Nine Seventeen Eleventh LLC is not responsible for the service or your relationship with this vendor.

If you require assistance for this service please contact CompanyV.com at 310 388-8123 (ext 1); or click here to open a trouble ticket on the CompanyV website:

This service is a shared highspeed DSL without any service warranty or guarantee.

If you require a service agreement we recommend Time Warner or other service providers in the area.
Click for: http://dslbyzip.com/?zipcode=90403

    CompanyV.com provides wireless internet service for the building located at 917 11th Street. Please contact them directly if you require assistance.

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    Please sign me up for wireless access provided by CompanyV.com at 917 11th Street, Santa Monica, CA

    Payment for service not related to rent:

    I understand that this payment of 15$ per month for wireless access is not associated in any way to my rent for my apartment at 917 11th Street.

    Checks for service must be sent to:
    CompanyV.com Corp
    1237 S VICTORIA AVE #444
    OXNARD, CA 93035