Santa Monica: Recyclable Materials for the recycling bin

Cans & Foil

Aluminum beverage cans and aluminum food cans (e.g., cat food cans)
Steel/tin food and beverage cans
Clean aluminum foil and foil food trays


All glass bottles and jars (mayonnaise, apple juice bottles, wine bottles, etc.)
CA redemption bottles (beer, juice, wine coolers, etc.)


Containers marked #1-5
Water/juice/soda bottles
Food containers
Milk and water jugs
Detergent/cleaning product bottles
Personal care bottles
Plastic shopping bags


Newspaper (including inserts)
Office paper (white and colored)
Computer paper
Corrugated cardboard
Cardboard boxes and paper bags
Phone books
Magazines and catalogs
Food/detergent boxes
Office mix (file folders, fax paper, envelopes, advertisements, flyers, etc.)
Junk mail, bulk mail, and scrap paper
Paper bound with non-water-soluble glue (paperback books, hardback books, overnight mail packages, etc.)
Milk cartons (clean and rinsed)
Aseptic packages (juice boxes)

Please do not put plastic materials—including Styrofoam, flower pots, hoses, PVC pipe, pool covers, etc.—in your recycling containers. They are not recyclable, but they are often reusable. Many nurseries are happy to take back plastic flowerpots, while many mailing and packaging stores, including The UPS Store Etc. and Kinko’s, welcome donations of clean Styrofoam packaging peanuts. If you can’t find an outlet to reuse these materials or reuse them yourself, please secure them in a bag and place them in your refuse container.

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