No Smoking in units rented after 11/2012

ALL HOUSEHOLDS who moved into their residential multifamily units on, or after, November 22, 2012, have occupancies that are non-smoking. Tenants or owners occupying an apartment or condo since that date are not allowed to smoke in the unit, nor can their guests.

People who moved into their unit before November 22, 2012, received a survey asking them to designate their unit as a “smoking” unit or “non-smoking” unit

The units at 917 11th Street that were occupied by current tenants prior to 2012 where smoking is permitted because they were undesignated or designated as “Smoking” are:

  • Apt 1
  • Apt 4
  • Apt 5
  • Apt 6
  • Apt 9
  • Apt 10

Households who choose NOT to answer the survey will have their units listed as “undesignated”.  Smoking in undesignated units is permitted.