Repair Requests

In the event of an emergency please call us!

Repair requests are scheduled as soon as possible once received.

It is the YOUR responsibility to clear all personal items from the area to allow access for both the inspection to estimate the work as well as to allow the work to be completed.

We make every effort to schedule work during times that are most convenient for tenants but that is not always possible.

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    Please note: As a courtesy we make every attempt to schedule inspections and service to be convenient, however that is not always possible. We might be able to have someone at the building to grant access to your unit for reported issues but if we do not have someone available and require access to your unit you may need to arrange to be present at the time of the service call.

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    Please note that we do not maintain the washer and dryer in the laundry room.
    In the event you have an issue with the laundry facilities please contact:
    All Valley Washer Service
    800-247-1100 Toll-Free
    818-787-1100 Phone
    818-989-7378 Fax

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