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Application To Rent


Please note: we require background and credit checks and an application must be completed by all intended tenants – each adult applicant.   $49.95  for each applicant to be paid directly to agency running reports. Scroll down for more information on PROCESS & REQUIREMENTS TO APPLY

Move in costs include first months rent plus a deposit equal to twice the monthly rent.

Current units available:

1 bedroom 1 bath 2nd floor Rent 2550.00 per month plus deposit of $5,100.00 Total Move in: $7650.00

Click for information and photos 1 Bedroom 1 Bath.


To ensure the swift and accurate processing of your application, the following documentation must be provided for credit and identity verification:

The following are required for each adult applicant.

  1. Copy of a driver’s license/I.D. for each adult applicant.
  2. Copy of a social security card for each adult applicant.
  3. Copy of one (1) month’s paycheck stubs (preferably last month’s) and/or some type of documentation for all income represented on the application for each adult applicant.
  4. Completed initial Application  for each adult applicant.
  5. Completed Rental History Verification Form for each adult applicant.
  6. Completed Verification of Employment for each adult applicant.
  7. Credit and Background Check. We will send you a link to the agency after all other information has been  supplied.
    FEE: $49.95  for each adult applicant. payable directly to agency running reports

About the forms:


Rental History


  • Click for Employment Verification Form: 917_Form-30-Verification-of-Employment
  • Applicant shall be at the same job or within the same industry for one (1) year or more and gross three (3) times the rent.
  • The job and income must be verifiable.  This release allows your employer to verify employment with us.  Applicant’s other monthly obligations will be taken into consideration when determining applicant’s ability to pay the rent.
  • To qualify for this unit the applicant must meet the following income qualification:
    • Annual income of $88,300 or less for one person
    • Annual income of $100,900 or less for 2 people (combined)
    • Annual income of $113,500 or less for 3 people (combined)

Credit Reports

Following receipt and review of all above provided documentation and  completed forms above we will initiate a credit background and eviction check based on information provided.

Credit History: Applicant shall have good credit.
Credit reports with collection amount, liens, evictions, judgments, bankruptcies or repossessions will not be accepted.

Applicants with no credit history may be required to have a co-signer.

Co-signer may be considered in the following cases: first-time renter who meets the above credit and income requirements; renter who has not been on the job for one (1) year but meets the rental history and credit requirements; renter who has no credit history but meets the rental history and income requirements.

A co-signer is one who will guarantee the rent for another person, but will not live in the unit. The co-signer will be on the rental/lease agreement with the applicant and must also sign an indemnification agreement.

In order to qualify, a co-signer must be able to cover his/her own bills plus the rent of the applicant’s unit. The co-signer will be subject to the qualifications above.